Q: What is “Rice”?

A: Rice is a completely subjective term, so for one to totally encompass a true definition of the word would be masturbation. However, if you want my definition we’ll do our best to explain it fully.

Our definition of ‘rice’ would be anything, that makes a vehicle (car, plane, truck, SUV, bicycle, go-cart, motorcycle… etc…) look completely and utterly stupid. That includes things that make it have the appearance of speediness, yet lack the ability to be fast.

This is NOT limited to imports, any brand of car can be rice, even exotics like Ferrari’s.

Q: Do we hate all imports?

A: Not at all. many of us own/have owned several, and many of them we loved.

Q: Where can I find some ricers?

A: This is an easy one since ricers tend to be the cheapest of the bastards around you can easily find them at:

-Tire Stores
-Pepboys or Checkers
-The Casino (because many of them claim to be hardcore gangsta’s and think they have mad gambling abilities)

Q: Can I submit photos?

A: Sure can, join the forum and you can add them there.

Q: Why do you consider some American-made cars rice?

A: Because, you are assuming that only imports can be rice, which is made up in your silly head.