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[Vidya Game] Titanfall
« on: May 26, 2014, 10:36:43 PM »
So a few weeks back I borrowed my Brother In Law's Xbox one to play Titanfall. I was really intrigued by the concept of an online campaign mode, and the balance of the Pilot/Titan dynamic on the same battlefield. The game really didn't disappoint. I eventually bought it for my 360 when I had to return his Xbone. Visually, its gorgeous on the Xbone, and still pretty damn nice on the 360, I think they probably maxed it out with this game because aside from some of the lighting effects, I didn't really notice TOO much difference between the two.

Gameplay wise, its really fun. It has a bit of a CoD flavor with unlocks and some perks, but none of them are so overpowered that they put lower level players at a disadvantage. Infact, at level 17 (out of 50 I think?) I'm still using the default rifle because its just so damn effective. Only change I made was adding a Holosight when I unlocked it, but the iron sites are still easy to use. The Titans are where the game really sets itself apart. Dropping a Titan can be a game changer, but the Titans are still fragile enough that they can't just carry the game on their own. Pilots start with a cloaking ability to help them hide from Titans and they all carry Anti-Titan weapons that are a threat to a Titan, especially if they are distracted. And all Titans can be boarded and quickly destroyed if the Pilot doesn't have counter measures or doesn't jump out and blast the intruder. The pilots are also extremely nimble thanks to their jump packs and wall running abilites. Being quick on your feet and bouncing off walls really makes you hard for a Titan to hit. The AI enemies are also great because they let you build up your weapons and character points for unlocks as well as adding to the Team Score for the round.

The only area where the game fell flat to me was the "Campaign" mode. You can potentially lose every mission, but still win your respective campaign because that's just how its designed. It was an ambitious design, and the actual story itself is really cool....but the implementation just kinda fails. I like the constant radio chatter from the commanders, and AI soldiers, adds great flavor...but can get #rekt every round, but as long as you complete all 9 missions, you get the Titan chassis unlocked and a pat on the back as if your side actually "won", just kinda dumb. Lots of potential for a single player campaign if they do a sequel and decide to add it...but this go round, it let me down.

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