Author Topic: [Performance] Here Come the Mummies (3/1/14, The Fillmore, Detroit, MI)  (Read 1547 times)


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So... a bunch of grown men dressed up as mummies playing music that ranges from old school funk to ska? You wouldn't be blamed for writing them off as a gimmick, a band just trying to get noticed by doing something "different". But dig a little deeper and you'll start to learn why the band has such a rapidly growing following.

Although not officially confirmed, the story goes that several of the band's members are actually Grammy-Award winning session musicians. The reason for the costumes is to conceal their identity so that when they play on tour for HCTM, they do not violate their recording contracts. But instead of just hiding their faces behind bandages and paint, they absolutely commit to the persona, 110%. Only one of them speaks, and even he is only able to speak when they're playing music. Otherwise it's just a series of nonsensical eeerrrs and grunts. (Although the word boobies tends to make it's way out from time to time.)

Each band member has their own identity. There's Mummy Cass, the lead singer and guitarist, Mummy Rah, the alto-sax player, BB-Queen, the trumpet player, Eddie Mummy is the drummer, and Spaz is the keyboard player. Taking turns between shows as the baritone sax player are Midnight Mummy and The Flu. On bass guitar is The Pole, and the aforementioned "able to speak sometimes" mummy who acts as the spokesperson for the band, is Java (pronounced Jay-va).

Their songs reach across a broad range of musical styles. You'll mostly hear a funk influence, but there are some hints of disco, ska, salsa among others.

There is one common theme in all of their songs, however: sex. Yes, these are some very, very horny mummies, and almost all of their songs are about their various escapades, mostly using hilarious and incredibly clever double-entendres (especially in the song titled "Single Entendre").

To back up the lyrical silliness are some of the most fun on-stage antics you'll see. No, this is not a serious, high budget show - these are just a group of guys who appear to be really good friends playing some great music with funny lyrics and screwing around on stage to entertain their audience. And entertain, they most certainly do with a 2+ hour show that never pauses from beginning to end. The music is CONSTANTLY flowing.

March 1st at the Fillmore in Detroit was no different. One of the things that will immediately stand out to you if you've ever been to a "normal" concert is that the fans are... polite! Everyone just genuinely seems to be excited to be there and excited for YOU to be sharing the experience of seeing HCTM with them. It's the strangest thing. The other thing you'll notice is that the crowd age ranges from teens to senior citizens - and ALL of them are on their feet and dancing. You can't not.

It's amusing to see the faces of first timers, or people who may have ended up their for reasons other than their own interest. As the band marches through the audience banging on marching drums and takes the stage, the newcomers seem to be slightly amused... but by the second or third song, something clicks, and they understand what it is they're seeing... and they start to smile, laugh, dance, and just have a good time. And nobody cares that you're dancing like a fool, because everyone is! Even the guys on stage are dancing like fools! It's all fun, it's all fair, and the entire point of their show is fun and enjoyment.

Whether or not funk is your thing is completely irrelevant - ANYONE can enjoy this music. Even if it's not something you'd put on your car stereo and jam to, if you're a music fan you can at least appreciate the musicianship on display as well as the excellent composition of the songs.

The humor is both subtle and in your face. It's silly yet intelligent at times. It's... infectious. One of the moments of that night that I still chuckle about was when they decided to perform the song "The Worm", which they had never performed before (prior to these last few stops on their tour), and is an instrumental. Everyone just assumed "The Worm" was a dick joke, but during their performance, BB Queen got down on the floor and did "the worm" - rolling his body over and over until he reached the other end of the stage, after which the music paused and Java stated, with a "matter of fact" look on his face, "THE WORM", followed by a big grin. I don't know why but that still makes me laugh. Just a goofy thing they did for no other reason than to be goofy.

Long story short, just go fucking see Here Come the Mummies as soon as possible. Just do it. Do it and you'll understand why. The videos don't do them justice, their studio recordings don't hold a candle to their live performance, and you simply will not "get" it until you've been there - and i think everybody, EVERYBODY should go at least once. Of course, if you're like most people... once will not be enough.

Set list: (order may be off)
Carnal Carnival
It's On Tonight
Single Entendre
Ra Ra Ra
Freak Flag
Libido Knievel
Devil Better Run
You Know the Drill
Damn Good
Horizontal Mambo
Bed, Bath and Behind
Overdo It
Believe (In Things You Cannot See)
The Worm
Petting Zoo
Everything But
Single Double Triple
Work It Out
Wonders of the World

Here's a poorly edited video I made of the footage I got from the show. I did my best to trim it down but there's just so much to see, it was hard to cut parts out, and I only recorded a fraction of the show.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>