Author Topic: 1969 L78 396 bore out to 482 FS  (Read 1898 times)

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1969 L78 396 bore out to 482 FS
« on: February 25, 2014, 11:29:54 AM »
I want to offer up for sale my late uncle's pride and joy on behalf of my aunt. Im not as familiar with it as he was but I'm renting the house he owned and its in my garage so I figured I'd offer it up to the fine peeps at AR. Its a 1969 L78 396 bore out to 482, no blueprint papers but purchased from Koger Speed Shop in Louisville (not sure exactly when but it had to be like 20 years ago, used to be in a Chevelle until my aunt got pregnant and he sold the chassy). Has mid-rise aluminum manifold, old 780 Holley carb, matching serial number auto trans, 400 turbo up shit kit, pink rod in the engine, Dana 60 rear end, solid differential made with Strange Engineering drum brakes, KONI 4 link suspension, 300lb springs with single pan, was fogged but in storage would need a new manifold gasket, water pump before we start engine, block number 3960 854 vin To 0322 CKO. Approx 650HP

I admittedly don't know what most of that means, i just copypasta what my aunt sent me. Feel free to ask questions about it but I may need to consult with her or my cousin to respond.

*I know the rules state that I should post pics and I do have pics but the engine is wrapped in plastic on an engine hoist and Ill have to take better ones when I can get it better exposed. My aunt is asking 7k OBO
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