Author Topic: Just Fired a Doctor for the First Time!  (Read 1396 times)


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Just Fired a Doctor for the First Time!
« on: September 29, 2013, 07:39:15 PM », I'm back in the hospital (shocking I know) with Pneumonia likely contracted during my hospital stay a month ago. So I wake up early Thursday morning shivering so hard I think I'm having a weird lucid seizure...then Amy wakes up and says I'm burning up. We take my temp 3 times and it comes back 103.5 every time (real thermometer, not digital) so I decide its ER time. We go to the ER I let them know I've got a high temp, my back is killing me and I'm also experiencing some wound pain (duh, I'm hooked to a wound vac) and severe headache (fever). The Doctor in the ER is cool, gives me a shot of benadryl, toradol and phenegran to help me relax and relieve my pain. It doesn't really work but she doesn't want to give anything stronger because it would slow my breathing and thats bad with pneumonia. So I'm like cool thats fine, and she says talk to the floor doctor. So I get up to my room (after 7 fucking hours in an ER room) and talk to the nurse and the Doctor about it...the Doctor flips her shit hole because of my history of drug problems and just authorizes Toradol. Then she proceeds to ask me a ton of questions related to my sex life and what drugs I use (none bitch). Next morning she comes flying into my room, disrupting my crappy breakfast and tells me "Don't lie to your Doctor" apparently I pissed hot for opiates (duh, I had a script from my wound care doctor from late August that I use sparingly (for Vicoprofen) and I had taken one before bed Wednesday because I always hurt after a dressing change. But also, I pissed hot for fucking PCP! WHAT THE FUCK! Apparently though benadryl, some SSRIs and steroids like Albuteral can false positive for PCP. The ER shot me full of benadryl, I took Paxil a few hours before coming to the hospital and they started me on steroid breathing treatments as soon as they knew I had pneumonia...but she wouldn't hear it...she said I was a drug user. After she left I called my nurse in, got a list of doctors and filed for a consult for a new one, then called the other one. SHE GOT MAD when I told her she was profiling me based on history and appearances and she got all indignant, I also called her out and said I would submit to a blood serum drug test....still haven't heard if she ordered the test or not :lol: But I informed her I know longer desired to be her patient and I would please like for her to let me switch :lol: Ended up with a really cool doctor that said he would put a note in my file saying the PCP shit was false positive so my psychiatrist doesn't flip shit next time I see him :lol:
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