Author Topic: [Album de Musica] Chimaira- Crown of Phantoms  (Read 1108 times)


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[Album de Musica] Chimaira- Crown of Phantoms
« on: July 31, 2013, 02:34:38 PM » Chimaira...but is it still Chimaira since 90% of the band is new? The musicians involved in the band now and in the recording of this record are basically the entirety of the band Daath plus Mark Hunter, Chimaira's long time and original vocalist. Musically, to me...this album falls some where around the self-title or Resurrection...its a bit more fast paced than The Age of Hell or The Infection...both of which I absolutely LOVED. It seems they've stepped back some from the sludge sound they were flirting with. Its still good shit though, packed with plenty of tasty riffs and memorable lyrics, Hunter hasn't lost his touch there at all. Vocally he's still as strong as ever, hell stronger than on some of their earlier material. All in all, this is a worthy addition to the Chimaira catalog and a very promising start for this newly assembled line up...I would have preferred more of the sludgey heaviness from the last two albums but hey...this is still better than the Five Finger Dick Pinch album that came out yesterday :lol:

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