Author Topic: [Album] Borgore- The Filthiest Hits So Far (Not Safe For Nick)  (Read 1661 times)


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Ok, so this album is from 2011, so its from a time when dubstep still had a slight bit of relevancy. The genre died in 2010 in my opinion but a few good artists kept producing stuff after that time so I digress. Anyway....Borgore is an Israeli fella that used to be in a death metal band then made the transition to EDM. His stuff isn't strictly dubstep on this album, it varies between EDM type stuff and dubstep in the same songs, with the WUB WUB WUB and WOMP WOMP WOMP used just for emphasis most of the time. Many of the songs feature humorous vocals over the the first track Nympho which features Borgore rapping about shoving an elephant up someones ass. But anyway, sucks I slept on this album so long...its really entertaining stuff and the dubstep portions are actually really well done compared to people like Skrillex that just basically buttfuck their oscillator and hope for the best. Borgore actually makes good, coherent EDM punctuated by dubstep elements.


Oh here's a sample of his work, he remixed Smell Yo Dick...cereal:
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Re: [Album] Borgore- The Filthiest Hits So Far (Not Safe For Nick)
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I remember using "nympho" as a car audio test track around 2013-2014.