Author Topic: [Rule Amendment] Complete rule list overhaul  (Read 1424 times)


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[Rule Amendment] Complete rule list overhaul
« on: March 27, 2013, 07:26:33 PM »
I absolutely don't mean to step on toes, I just have a lot of ideas and think I'd rather put them down in the form of a grab bag rather than make a new thread for each individual idea.

Basically, our rules as they stand were written at a different point in time and definitely need to be fully updated to reflect the site's current state. Some rules only need minor revisions, others are no longer relevant at all. The entire list could benefit from a cleaner format, though. Here's what I was thinking:



These rules are not here for anyone's amusement. They exist to keep order, and they are to be followed, no exceptions. Breaking the rules is unacceptable, regardless of the humor or opportunistic value. Simply do not do it. We will not be lenient OR amused.

What to expect when you break a rule
First time, it's a warning. The second time, a temporary 1-day ban. Do it again, and it's an indefinite ban. This applies to all rules at all times; you are not given 3 strikes per rule, it's 3 strikes, PERIOD.

By posting on this forum, you are acknowledging that you have read the rules and that you will follow them. Ignorance is not an excuse, we have made the rules very simple and easy to read. If any of this is unacceptable to you, or you feel we are being unreasonable, feel free to leave.


0. The forum staff has the final say on all things. Arguing will get you nowhere, so don't bother.

1. These rules can be changed at any given time. Notice will be given in the form of the 'updated' date in the title. It is not difficult to check this date once in a while, so please do it to avoid an unnecessary problems.

2. Porn/Nudity is not allowed, period. Don't post images, videos, or even links. Not even the NSFW tag makes this appropriate. Speaking of which...

3. Absolutely NO NSFW content shall be posted without an NSFW tag in the thread title. NSFW content within posts MUST be hidden within the spoiler tags. What do we consider to be NSFW content? Generally speaking, if you wouldn't want your boss or mother or friendly neighborhood Nun to see it on your computer screen, it's more than likely NSFW. Gore, disgusting/gross images, swimsuit pics, etc.

3. All sigs must be under 100KB and less than 400 px wide by 300 px tall, or 100 px tall and 500 pix wide. ONLY ONE PIC AND ONE LINE OF TEXT, no exceptions, smileys are a picture. If you have text only, no more than 4 lines as viewed on a 600x800 screen. Font size for text should not be modified. Bold, italics, and colors may be changed.

4. Low-content posts are generally not allowed outside of the Brothel or Free For All forums. What this means is that replying to a thread with nothing more than a smiley or single word responses is not acceptable. We will use discretion here, as there are circumstances where it is appropriate/acceptable, but in general you are expected to contribute something with each post. Meme pics are acceptable in moderation, but don't overdo it.

5. One Username per member. Don't create additional accounts, even as a gag.

6. File sharing discussion is limited. You may discuss file sharing software, but do not discuss illegal file sharing or share links to illegal software.

8. Post in the correct forum. "I want more people to see it" is NOT a reason to post something in the Lounge that obviously belongs in another forum. Each forum has a description, so familiarize yourself with them before you begin posting.

9. Do not use the term "Official" in your thread title for the purpose of gatherings and/or road trips.  Official implies that AR's staff condones or supports a particular activity and we may not.  If AR's staff wants an official thread on something, the staff will make it.  Using the term "official" for things such as the weight loss thread is acceptable.

10. Any flaming/blatant insulting not done within the Flame Forum will result in an immediate one-day ban. Even if you are containing it within the Flame Forum, if a staff member tells you to stop, then stop. Failure to comply will be considered grounds for punishment.

11. New members are given a 100 post grace period in which no other member is allowed to flame them, tease them or otherwise pester or provoke them. However, some new members join for the sole purpose of causing trouble, in which case it will be left up to staff decision as to whether their 100 post grace period will be waived, or they'll just be outright banned. Do not take matters into your own hands.

12. As stated above, do not take matters into your own hands. Use the Report to Moderator button located in the bottom right corner of each post if you see a problem.

13. We also have a search function on this forum.  Please use it first.  It is realized that at times search throws back a ton of results, and you may miss what you are looking for.  However, if you have something to contribute, it is generally better to keep it in one thread so that others after you do not have to search out multiple threads for information regarding any of the many subjects we discuss on this site.

14. All staff are to be considered as the extreme authority, whether they be a Moderator or an Admin. You may report alleged unfair treatment or abuse to other staff members through the PM system, but do not argue with a Mod or Admin on the forums.
15. Do not use homophobic, racist, or otherwise derogatory terms, even in jest. Those words (you know what they are) are absolutely 100% unacceptable and we will be vigilant in enforcing this rule. Posting photos that contain the words counts, too, so don't do it.

16. Do not post photos or videos of illegal activity. This includes any and ALL illegal activity. That really speaks for itself. If you do choose to break this rule, do not be surprised if your illegal activity is reported to law enforcement by any of the members on this site - some of which just happen to be Law Enforcement Officers. You've been warned.

17. If a video is the main topic of a thread, that thread should be created in the Media forum. Topics in which a video is posted but is not the main focus of the thread may be posted in the corresponding forum subject. For example, if you make a thread about a 69 Camaro which includes photos and a story/discussion about the car as well as a video, that thread may be created in The Real Fast and Furious or Stockers forum - whichever applies. If the thread contains the video and the video only, or the video and a short paragraph about the video, then it should go in the Media Forum.

18. For threads in which the topic is a link, such as a news link, please provide a quoted text of the article - either the whole article, or if it is too long, the key points you think should be highlighted. There should be absolutely no thread that is simply a link (the Brothel and FFA obviously don't apply to this). Not everyone reading your thread has the ability to open a new window or tab, either because they are at work or because they are on their phones. Also, it's just plain lazy.

19. Aside from the Lounge, each forum has its own subset or rules, so be sure to read those before posting as well.

20. These rules are for EVERYONE to follow. Even though some members have been here for over a decade, they are still expected to follow the rules, and are subject to the same punishment. So, if you're new here, you REALLY have no excuse for not following them.


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Re: [Rule Amendment] Complete rule list overhaul
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2013, 07:56:42 PM »
You need to swap a 15 and 16 to preserve 16a :lol:
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