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[Video Game] Borderlands (PC)
« on: August 03, 2012, 11:45:27 AM »
I was never interested in Borderlands, but I'll give any game a shot when it only costs $7 (thanks to Steam's Summer Sale).

Borderlands is another one of those games that's built for multiplayer, and it shows. Single player feels very lacking in certain aspects, and usually that's because the sequences were designed for 2 ore more players.

It's an RGP action shooter style game where everything you do earns you points which you use to upgrade your character in different ways.

The problem is, it feels like that's ALL there is to the game. You're constantly grinding for points because that's really the only thing there is to do. No, I don't WANT to kill every last little alien creature running around, but each one gives me points, so I do it anyway. But what is the ultimate goal? To level up as high as you can by the time you reach the end of the story? Well, OK...

The weapon selection is annoying. There are tons and tons of different guns, some marginally better than others, but in order to even figure out which of two guns is better, you have to fuss with a truly terrible inventory interface. It completely breaks the pace of the game when you're in a hurry to do something, see a neat gun, then have to spend two minutes weighing your options and deciding whether you should ditch one of your other guns for it or not.

While the cell-shaded graphics are fun to look at, the characters are almost ALL annoying, especially the little robot named Claptrap. So as good as everything and everyone looks, it's still hard to get drawn into the world when nearly everything about it is otherwise annoying.

The difficulty curve is more like a difficulty roller-coaster. Most of the problem is the AI - it's not that it's bad, I guess, it's just that there are so many different types of AI thrown at you all at once that it's nearly impossible to come up with any sort of strategy besides just burning through ammo until everything is dead - which would be fine if ammo were more plentiful.

There are areas where most of your targets are far away, so you need a long range weapon - then right in the middle of that battle, some others rush your with melee weapons. So, sniper rifle and shot gun it is. Well, then you have various types of armor that only certain types of munitions are effective against, so you're CONSTANTLY going back into your inventory menu and juggling things around, since you're only given a maximum of 5 carry-slots (starts at 2 and you upgrade from there). So yeah, once you're able to have 5 different weapons at the ready instead of going into the menu to swap them out, it's not as bad - but when you only have two slots because you JUST STARTED PLAYING THE GAME and it still throws this bullshit at you, it's just annoying.

It's not HARD, just annoying.

Overall, I suppose it's a fun game. It's probably way more enjoyable with friends. I'm not mad that I paid $7 for it, I'd pay that all day long for this game. It's fun enough that I'll probably go back to it once in a while, but it's certainly not going to be on my favorites any time soon.