Author Topic: So you've been asked by someone to fix their pc?  (Read 2397 times)


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So you've been asked by someone to fix their pc?
« on: April 01, 2012, 09:22:30 AM »
This is just a short list of things I have found useful over the years. If you become a PC enthusiast, it is simply a matter of time before you are called upon to fix someone else's mishaps. Here are just a few things to help you along. Even if you're not into any of this, give it a read. You might learn a thing or two that will save you some grief later on.

1. Learn how to reset and defragment RAM.

If you rolled your eyes, great, you have a heads up. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, then you have much to learn. Click the link to learn how.

2. Bypass a computer password on all major operating systems.

If you spend anytime working on computers you will run into this problem. Some friend or family calls you up, and they can't remember the password to get into their computer. Most people would just give up and reformat and start over, but you are going to bypass this whole process. Knowing how to get past the password on all major operating systems is a must have skill when you want to repair PCs.

3. Crack a wifi password.

I've run into this problem more than a few times. My mother is notorious for changing a password, and subsequently forgetting it. Cracking the password is a skill that most repairmen will need at some point. Try this link to learn more about it.

4. Monitor Network Traffic.

Monitoring network traffic is a valuable skill. I've been asked by several friends for ways to check up on where their kids are going on the web, or that they think their neighbor is leeching off their wifi. This is how you figure all that out. The link is a valuable resource to all sorts of analyzers plus some good info to get you started.

5. Recovering the MBR.

Viruses and other errors can make it impossible to access install. Most people just get frustrated and reformat/reinstall windows. Not you, though. You are going to try and recover the Master Boot Record.

There are different ways of doing this on different systems. I'll just show the current major OSes. If you need something for an older system, you know how to google.

Win 7 -
General linux -

6. Retrieving data from a bad hard drive.

If you repair PCs, you will run into this at some point. Knowing how to get data from a bad HDD is a vital tool. If it's simply a crashed drive then a simple program can usually recover most, if not all, data on the drive. There are no guarantees here, though. Sometimes it's just gone. Here is an article to get you started on recovering data from a crashed drive.

7. Increase Wi-Fi range.

As more and more people are converting to wireless systems, more and more people are discovering that the range is limited. Learning how to increase that range will make many customers very happy! Check this link for a very cost effective way to increase the range.

8. The magic thumbdrive

I don't feel I should really have to mention this, but just in case. Get a thumb drive, load your favorite anti virus, malware, etc programs on it. This should always be the first step when working on a system that just isn't acting right.

9. Flashing BIOS

Learning to flash the BIOS is something that all pc enthusiasts should know. If you plan on doing repairs, it can become a friend. Many times, upgrades to the BIOS add new features and, more importantly, more stability. Just be careful, messing up this process can brick your motherboard. Thankfully, the makers of all this technology have made it more foolproof than ever, and it's a good bit safer to do it now.

10. The fastest ways to kill a pc.

Knowing the fastest ways to kill a PC gives you the opportunity to arm yourself, as well as friends and family, against make these mistakes. It can certainly save you a lot of grief of having to stop what you're doing and going to check for this stuff.

On the other hand, it also gives you insight into how most people are killing their pcs before they call you.


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Re: So you've been asked by someone to fix their pc?
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2012, 09:30:05 AM »
Stickied. Good info.

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Re: So you've been asked by someone to fix their pc?
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2012, 08:42:47 PM »
Thank you for this, I have a feeling I will be needing this very soon for my in laws computer. Great information.