Author Topic: 1980-something Mercury Cougar  (Read 951 times)


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1980-something Mercury Cougar
« on: February 20, 2012, 03:39:42 AM »
Ever since selling off my Mustang Ive been looking for a RWD V8 shits n' giggles car for weekends. Turns out the girl I just started datings father has a Cougar that he got in a trade, but he doesnt want to put any time into it. Previous owner overtorqued the fan bolts and they broke off and shredded the radiator, but hes got a spare. Her dad wanted $1800 for it, but after helping him with some shop work for his company, he said he'd sell it for $1k plus some more work, which got knocked down to $700 if I agreed to him putting a 1.8 16v engine he has in the Scirocco and helping him with it