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[Mobile Game] Grand Theft Auto III
« on: February 02, 2012, 11:05:42 PM »
Despite my vow to not get wrapped up in the never ending world of smart phone apps, I figured, I waste $6 on junk food often enough, why not at least give GTA III mobile a shot?

I don't like the idea of touch screen gaming. There's no tactile feedback, so anything other than a quick tap on the screen just feels unnatural. It's very hard to get used to, and to quickly touch the right part of the screen without accidentally being too close to another icon. Beyond GTA III, I don't plan on buying any other games for the iPhone.

HOWEVER, that's a problem with smart-phone games in general, or least just the ones that are more complicated than a simple tap and drag here and there. So I can't really count that against GTA III, since everything else is just incredible.

I simply can't believe that this entire game, the game that blew me away when it came out for PS2, and sold me on the PS2 when I was a big Nintendo fan, fits on my fucking cell phone.

And no, this isn't "LIKE gta3, but on your mobile device!"

This is Grand Theft Auto 3, the whole thing. Every radio station, song, cut scene, sound effect, every mission... and the graphics even look smoother than they did on the PS2 original, probably thanks to the compression resulting from the smaller screen.

It doesn't run perfectly smooth, but truth be told, it didn't on PS2, either. It's more than smooth enough to play, but gets choppy at times.

As far as the control layout, you have accelerator and brake pedal buttons on the right, and left and right steering buttons on the left. Above the gas pedal is the hand brake button, and to the left of that is the "drive by" button. It may take some getting used to, but it's probably the best set up you can ask for on a touch screen.

I'm still amazed just looking at this game on my cell phone.. hard to believe that we're actually living in that future we used to see in the movies as kids.


If you're into mobile gaming, this is about as good as it gets so far. A full fledged REAL game available on your smart phone. GTAIII led the sandbox revolution back in 2001, and it's entirely possible that it may lead the smart phone gaming revolution.