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Porsche 930 Slantnose


Remember watching this movie as a kid?

It's motherfucking Condorman. I watched that film dozens of times when I was in my pretweens. I remember thinking how cool the Condormobile was with all the modern computer jibber jabber. But then.... this dude with a glass eye started chasing him in a menacing black car...

I remember thinking, that car is fucking COOL! As I got older, I lost touch with the film and completely forgot.

Now, I watched the movie again and was mesmerized by this Porsche Slantnose. The car they used on the film mimicked the race version. But for the actual production slantnose, I mean, just look at it.

The car was a 930 Series Carrera from the mid 70s to 89 that sported their first production turbo engine (H-6 300hp). Then in 81, if you made a special order, they fitted the flat 'slantnose' with flip up headlights which actually came from their race homologation production run, the Porsche 935. Rare as all hell, but sexy as fuck.

This bitch deserves to be in here.

I never saw/heard of that movie.  Then again, I missed a lot of things growing up.

As for the 930, I have always preferred the slantnose.  I had a Radio Shack 935 R/C car as my first R/C and have loved the look since.

I still have the model I built as a kid of one of those  :yup:


That 240z looks pretty nice.


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