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Playing With The New DA
« on: December 18, 2011, 05:01:53 PM »
So, just playing around with it a little bit before spring arrives to when I can get into it full blown.

While it's still sitting here, I figured I'd play around with the Lumina. It's paint is almost shot (Famous 90's GM clearcoat failure...) so if I fucked up, who cares?

XMT Speed Clay
Poorboy's SSR3 (it's like rocks in a bottle, feels like gritty sand on your fingers :lol:) on a LC CCS Yellow
Poorboy's SSR1 on LC CCS White

What we got here is typical neglect over the years. I'll call this one swirly.

Onto the SSR3 stage. Cut very quick, but required multiple passes to begin to do anything. Wiping it off there's a nice haze. Most people would freak out at this point, but I knew a strong compound would do that (that and I could care less about the car :lol:)

Final stage was the SSR1. It's a very light polish and excellent for the cleanup passes. This took a little bit more time to finesse it, but it got there. Turned out damn well for as shot as the clearcoat was. You can see the little bubbles; it's the clearcaot starting to fail.

The Equinox's paint wasn't too bad. Its never seen a polish in its life and frequented the automated (swirl-o-matic) carwashes before I got ahold of it.

Foamed with Deep Crystal Wash
Washed with Mequiars Hyper Wash. This shit is great, super slick and stayed sudsy the whole way through.
Clayed with XMT Speed Clay
Poorboy's SSR2.5 - LC Orange
Poorboy's SSR1 - LC White

Just a shits and giggles pic after using my foam gun

Ok, the hood was fucked up with waterspots and light swirls. Had a hard time capturing some marks, but you can get the idea.

No more water spots

Onto the fenders

Passenger before:

Passenger after (the mark on top where the tape is, is just a smudge):

Drivers before:

Drivers after:

Quick before and after shot of the hood in the sun



Sun shot of the drivers fender after:

Newer GM clearcoat is hard as fuck it seemed. After talking with Wicho it wasn't just me. Next time I'll step up to a more aggressive pad. Next Spring I'll be doing the whole Equinox and also the Nismo, it has some nice buffer holograms when it was at the bodyshop.
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