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1964 Fairlane

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Bone Stock

"This car is delivered at Dearborn Steel Tubing Co. and has no warranty guarantee."


--- Quote ---Even with their strong 427-cid V-8s and lightened front ends, big body-on-frame Ford Galaxies were no match for the lighter-still unibody Dodge and Plymouth muscle cars. The obvious solution was to stuff the 427 into the midsize Fairlane. Nothing good comes easy. With help from Dearborn Steel Tubing, a contract car builder, Dearborn concocted the race-ready and street-legal, if not exactly streetable,1964 Ford Thunderbolt.

Extensive front-end modifications were necessary to custom-fit the big-block, and eight equal-length exhaust headers had to be snaked through the suspension components. The competition 427's high-rise manifold elevated the air cleaner above the fender line, requiring a teardrop-shaped hood bubble. It gulped air via screened inner headlight bezels. Transmissions were a Hurst-shifted four-speed with 4.44:1 gears or an automatic with 4.58:1. Massive traction bars, asymmetrical rear springs, and a trunk-mounted 95-pound bus battery helped get down what was realistically 500 bhp.

Weightcutting was merciless: plexiglass windows and fiberglass front body panels, bumpers, and doors. Sunvisors, mirror, sound-deadener, armrests -- even jack and lug wrench -- were shed.

The back seat stayed, but the fronts were lightweight Econoline truck buckets. At 3225 pounds, the T-bolt weighed more than a stock Fairlane. But it was only 20 pounds over its NHRA-class minimum. At last, Ford had a winner. ETs in the 11s earned Thunderbolt the Top Stock crown and Ford the '64 NHRA Manufacturer's Cup.

Anyone with $3,780 ($200 more for automatic) could walk into a Ford dealer and order a Thunderbolt. Still, just one was assembled in 1963, 100 were built in '64, and two were built in '65. These were real race cars, and few went to battle on the public highways.

The 1964 Ford Thunderbolt

Wheelbase, inches: 115.5
Weight, lbs: 3225
Number built: 100
Base price: $3,780

Standard Engine
Type: ohv V-8
Displacement, cid: 427
Fuel system: 2 x 4bbl.
Compression ratio: 12.7:1
Horsepower @ rpm: 425 @ 6000
Torque @ rpm: 480 @ 3700

Representative Performance
0-60 mph, sec: NA
1/4 mile, sec. @ mph: 11.76 @ 122.7

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The Thunderbolt legacy began on a cold December morning in 1963. This period photo records the day when 11 vintage burgundy Thunderbolts were lined up at Ford's Dearborn proving grounds. Their keys were handed out to Ford Drag Council members. Among the recipients were Dick Brannan, Bob Ford, Ed Martin Ford, Phil Bonner, Les Ritchey, Gas Ronda, Mickey Thompson, Wickersham Ford, Milo Coleman, and Butch Leal. After the first 11 burgundy cars were built, all subsequent Thunderbolts (89 cars) were delivered in white paint.

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a guy came by the house to buy an aluminum radiator off of me for a replica build.
got 'em on the brain.

This thread is full of win.

I am SO hard right now...


s-10 maniac:
One of my all time favorites.

that article implies the bumpers were fiberglass.
i thought they were aluminum? and installed souly to make the thing street legal.
not like an aluminum bumper, or fiberglass for that matter, is gonna help much in a collision.

i thought the whole front clip was aluminum instead of fiberglass...  learned somethin


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