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Fuck yes! I've been waiting for this album since mid 2010...these ADD fuckers have finally pumped out some new material. They've taken their spastic sound and largely reigned it in and refined it. There are still little bizarre genre hops, but they blend much better into the songs, and aren't used exclusively as bridges anymore. The funny sound effect breakdowns are absent, but thats fine with me since they did it twice on their last album (horse and dixie horn). Krysta Cameron's voice is really the biggest evidence of their sound maturing to me. She is actually hitting notes now, not just warbling on the flat side of them. She still has Bjorkish tendencies, but her singing is more refined now. Her harsh vocals are equally as strong, with nice transitions between the two, not just the standard SCREAM VERSE, BITCH SING CHORUS formula that most melodic metal bands follow. They have backed away from being totally avant garde, but I think thats an improvement, they're less LOL so RANDUMB and more cohesive now. But yeah...fucking killer album!


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