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1987 Chevrolet caprice
« on: July 17, 2011, 02:08:48 AM »
FS: 1987 Chevrolet Caprice
posting this for a friend, he wants to sell quickly to pick up an R32 sedan.


Hello ladies and gents, it brings me great pain to have to put my baby up for sale. It's a 1987 Chevrolet Caprice, base model that I personally drove out to Ontario from beautiful British Columbia a few years back. This car, and I don't mean to brag, is one of the most beautiful original Canadian Caprice's that you will find on the market. The underside of this car is immaculate, I had it rustproofed every year since I have had it here and it has never, I repeat, NEVER seen a winter, or salt.

A few other details about it: it's bone stock, I professionally installed a stereo + speakers + an amp & subwoofer. I had a custom exhaust made up for the vehicle from Hot Rod Scotts who is one of the best in the business around these parts (Flowmaster 40 Series if you're curious  ).

The car has had alot of work done in it in the past years that I've had, on top of the things I've mentioned above, I have done the following:

- The car has the 9C1 package front and rear sway bars (9C1 is the police package if you don't know, very heavy duty parts),
- New intake manifold gasket,
- Water pump
- Belts
- Tinted windows
- Windshield
- Valve cover gaskets
- K&N air filter
- 4x brand new tires
- The carburetor (yes carburetor, it's old :P) has been professionally rebuilt by Specialty Carburetor's Inc.

The car has had alot of time and love put into it and it really needs to be seen to appreciate it.

I won't lie and say that the car is immaculate, the paint on it isn't the best in parts, but for the most part (about 95%), it's in good shape. The only other thing that I can think of is the headliner, surprisingly it's still up, but it's starting to droop near the rear windscreen. The Chrome on the bumpers isn't pitted or blemished or anything like that, they gleam like new.
Original hub caps, front floor mats, trunk carpet, spare tire, I can go on all day.

Like I said, this car has been my baby for the past few years but to be honest, I'm young and in school, and I'm due to relocate as soon as I finish college (Canadian Forces). I don't work full time anymore and can't afford to take the car out as much as I used to, it sits alot and collects dust. So instead of seeing it sit in my garage, collect dust and break my heart, I'd rather see it go to someone who appreciates a fine American automobile, one that's made like no other.

The ONLY thing that I'd like to mention before you get too excited is that I will be taking the following out of the car if you decide to buy it:

- CD deck, but I will give you another one & install it for you before you pick up the car.
- Subwoofer and amp, but I can throw those in if my asking price is met.

Everything else is yours, so come by, take a look and lets work something out. Summer is in full effect, why not pick up a ride you can cruise in from dawn till dusk.

One last thing, I can GUARANTEE that this car will pass a safety, and because it's a 1987, it's exempt from emissions testing.

UPDATE: If my asking price is met, I will give the buyer 2 boxes of spare parts (odds & ends) as well as a replacement hood, front end, the police package radiator, rear trailing arms, OEM green silicon radiator hoses (VERY RARE!) as well as whatever else I have for the car.

Looking for $5000
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