Author Topic: Stage 2 STI Hatch VS My Stage 2 Sti Sedan  (Read 2964 times)


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Stage 2 STI Hatch VS My Stage 2 Sti Sedan
« on: June 21, 2011, 12:58:04 PM »
played around the other night with my buddy who has an 09 STI hatch with a maddad downpipe and cat back, with cobb stage 2 map.

my 2011 sti is downpipe/cpe by invidia, and cobb stage 2 map.

we went about 50km out of town had a bite and on the way back in we did a bit of plaing.

4th gear 100km/h roll on 3 honks i pulled 2 and a half fenders ahead of him. ( he was in 3ed and hit limiter pretty quick)

3rd gear 80km/h roll, again 3 honks and i got him by about a fender this time. iam kinda thinking he wasnt break boosting but i was a little bit.

then we went from a stop. i launched a bit lower then my launch control was set but i still faired out pretty well.