Author Topic: Slayed an Sti  (Read 2982 times)


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Slayed an Sti
« on: May 19, 2011, 02:12:59 PM »
We were in the Viper.  Sti pulls up and starts revving and 'staging'.  My bf was like Ok I'll bite so we're off.   They then pulled up at the light after a few minutes and said they just really wanted to see how the car pulled.  :lol:  Car had 4  younger guys in it and they were just all jaw dropped. (The tune is a bit off so it also likes to spew flames out the side sometimes adding to the effect  :mrgreen:)

Sorry I'm bad at details, we usually don't street race since we're too old for it now.  :lol:

And before someone starts crying, I just used the term 'slayed' for fun.  Not that I didn't- but don't bitch and ask me for details on how I 'slayed'

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