Author Topic: Need resources for buy a mustang.  (Read 1073 times)


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Need resources for buy a mustang.
« on: May 15, 2011, 09:28:48 AM »
I am missing my go fast car (or at least somewhat fast) and as well as having something to tinker with and enjoy on nice days and was thinking of collecting an old 5.0L mustang 1988-92 I believe? coupe version. and 5 spd.

I found one that matches my terms of a project but before I go out there and take a gander at this beast I wanted to see if anyone can offer anything along the lines of a buyers guide, I am somewhat new to this side of things since all my go fast cars have come straight from japan and are rust free however what I am looking at will no doubt have rust just need some input as to when I should walk away or whats worth my time, I want a budget fun car, I am pretty advanced on the wrench turning sides so long as the engine runs great everything else I can fix.

The car is listed for 2500, but going to try and haggle him down to 1800. Also bothers me as the lack of a complete picture of the car it has a grey interior and this is the description in the ad. Car is a 5spd aswell.
looking to possibly trade car for something ?? any ideas? full flowmaster exhaust (maifolds to tailpipes), b303 cam, 355 gears in rear-end.  Car is black and is a trunk. Needs some tlc on body. door moldings wavey and could use paint! Has ten hole factory rims with used bfg tires.Has cylinder heads just not sure what they are.Bought car with all work already done. If was to sell would be asking $2500 OBO As is. Just don't have the time or money to invest, out of work for too long.

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Re: Need resources for buy a mustang.
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2011, 08:50:08 PM »
Those are the shittiest car photos I have ever seen. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have a camera.

As for buying tips on the 1979-1993 "fox-chassis" Mustangs:

Rust. Most all of them have it. They are very old cars by now. Crawl under it and inspect the floorpans, the front and rear subframes (if those rot out, the car's basically scrap unless you are a bodyman), as well as the fenders. The trunk lids and hatches like to rust out along the seam in the back running parallel with the brake lights.

As for that car:

Looks like it has an Accufab or Professional Products EGR spacer, throttle body looks stock though. Stock is 58mm for 1986, 60mm for 1987-93. Looks like it has shorty headers. Exhaust modifications are VERY common on these cars.

The heads look like they're iron, so they are likely stock, unless they're old 289 heads (can only tell by looking at casting number under intake port), or GT40 heads (will have 3 bars on the front of the head for GT40, 4 for GT40P). The car is missing the A/C compressor. There's a delete kit for it to do that right, raises the P/S pump up so the belt doesn't rub against itself. Need a better photo of engine bay and FEAD to tell if it was done right or not. I doubt it has a camshaft in it, probably has a wicked vacuum leak if it idles rough. Has stock intake manifold too, and everything else I see looks stock.

The 5.0 badge on the truck was stuck on by somebody. Stock they have one on the front fenders, that's it.

Going from the really crappy photos, it looks like it's all there. If it's a factory 5 speed car, that's not a bad price for it, depending on the mileage. Typically you see these cars with 150-180,000 miles on them now. 200K or more will lower the value.
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