Author Topic: I don't do much "racing" but I figured I might as well contribute my last "kill"  (Read 24914 times)


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I know, I said I was done with the subject, but I have to add something to Boosted:

What is it with you?  You're about to make yourself look like a complete jackass, what with your "riding" me on this subject.  Is it disbelief that someone who owns such a vehicle is too self important to join a forum?  Is it that you can't believe someone actually has such cars?  I hate to ask this last one, but are you somehow envious?  Because if you are, believe me, the last thing you want is envy.  You can go buy yourself one now for less than 50K, used.  But the maintenance will likely kill you.  And you will have to perform a ton of it if you're buying a used one, simply because this is the reason people are selling theirs:  $4800 front brakes, $1,200 coils (each), $130 oil changes, ~$800 for rear tires every 10K miles (and that's driving it nicely), $380 for spark plugs with no labor, ~$6,800 for the ABC pump when (not if) it fails, :blah: :blah: :blah:. 

Holy fuck get over yourself.

You're going to huge lengths to avoid posting pictures of a car you claim to own.  It's fishy.

No, I'm not really envious of Mercedes owners...Like you said, maintenance is expensive and Mercedes aren't exactly 'reliable'.  I'm more of a beamer fan myself.


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I would excel in a Mad Max post apocalyptic world, apparently.

Well you do have a fairly ridiculous truck.

That seems like it'd be a help.

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