Author Topic: Unions and other things from my EFM thread  (Read 1015 times)


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Unions and other things from my EFM thread
« on: May 11, 2011, 12:39:32 AM »
Well, I guess my first question is how are Unions communist? Personally, I believe that at times there have been corrupt members, certain ones have overstepped their boundaries and so on but I still think they are needed and will always be needed as a balance to corporate power.

Secondly, I dont think a pure capitalist approach works on a large scale. Maybe my definition or idea of it isnt right but I always thought it meant to forgo any and all regulations, like child labor, minimum wage, unsafe working conditions and so on. It makes a company or individual only worry about the bottom line and able to manipulate the market. The richer one seems to always win and that leads to monopolisation.

I dont believe in marxism, or communism, but if I were in charge large corporations would be forced to put manufacturing jobs here in the US while following various regulations and a salary cap on CEO's. Smaller businesses would get the tax breaks and stuff the big guys get to help them compete.