Author Topic: [Bachelor Special] Fried Baloney Sammich  (Read 206 times)


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[Bachelor Special] Fried Baloney Sammich
« on: April 29, 2011, 08:49:04 PM »
Here's a favorite of mine, thought I'd share.

What you need:

Dill pickle
Mustard (spicy)

Whip out yer favorite cooking pan, slap that bitch on the stove. Turn flame up on high. Take 2-3 slices of bologna, cut a 1/2" slit in the middle. Put bologna into pan. While it is cooking, prep the bread. Toast it. Put some spicy mustard on one, along with a slice of cheese. Now flip the bologna over. Cook until it's black n crispy. Don't puss out. When it's done, slap it onto the toast, and put a couple slices of pickle on it, cut lengthwise, about 1/8" thick. Put other piece of toast on top.

Eat, enjoy. Best served with a cold beer and a helping of loneliness.
...and either quite drinking or quite posting because you're going into some sort of weird AMERICA 1776 FUCK YEAH mode.