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HHT Plethore LC-750

Central Driving Position
In addition to its exceptional design, its fluid lines and its athletic profile, the cockpit of the Pléthore has plenty of space to comfortably accommodate a driver and two tall passengers (over 6 '/ 1m 90).

Its central driving provides an exhilarating experience similar to driving a single-seater competition car. This important advantage gives a lot more stability and driveability. The integration of a passenger on each side of the driver makes the Pléthore a unique three-passenger supercar.

Frame: carbon fiber with integrated security cage
Body: carbon fiber

Standard equipment
Adjustable Suspension: electric and electronic
Adjustable Column: manual
Adjustable Driver Seat: electric with memory
Mirrors: heated, electric with memory
Cruise control: HTT
Windows: electric with memory
Air Conditioning: HTT / electronic
Interior: in leather / 3 seats with central driving position
Audio Equipment: performance sound system, radio AM/FM, in-dash 6 CD, amplifier HI-FI, 7 speakers
Scissor Doors: automatic opening and closing and by remote controlled
Interior mirror: 2 cameras with LCD screen

Layout: central longitudinal
Trademark: HTT V8
Type: 8 cylinders in V
Cylinder: 7 liters
Management System: electronic injection
Power : 750 hp

Type: propulsion
Gear Box: 6 speeds sequential
Differential: auto-blocking aluminum

Suspension: independent double wishbone, anti-roll bars (full aluminum system)
Brakes : AP Racing Front: 15’’ ventilated disks, aluminum alloy calliper with 6 pistons / Rear: 13’’ ventilated disks, aluminum alloy calliper with 4 pistons
Steering: power assisted (electronic)

Wheelbase: 115'’ / 292 cm
Length: 181'’ / 460 cm
Width: 86'’ / 218 cm
Height: 45'’ / 114 cm
Weight: 2750 lbs / 1250 kg
Tires: NITTO INVO, Front: 275/30 zr/19  Rear: 345/25 zr/20
Rims: aluminum

That thing has a mean stance and I love the color.

LS powered very original. ::) Good looking car though.


--- Quote from: Sponty on March 22, 2011, 01:03:11 PM ---LS powered very original. ::) Good looking car though.

--- End quote ---

'Cause the LS1 can neva lose.

3 seated super car, where have I heard that before?


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