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Onyx Dragon:
Are as follows (they have to be one or more of the following):

1. They have to be desired.  (ie: Muscle cars, classics, high selling modern cars)
2. They have to have to be some type of game changer. (factory supercharged/turbocharged, fast, etc)
3. If you are making a thread, keep the title somewhat mature.  So a title of "This rules!" is unacceptable.  The proper way to title it would be to have the years you are covering and the make and model (or just the make if you are covering a manufacturer as opposed to a specific model)
4. Motorcycles are acceptable
5. Do not put concept cars, scooters, etc in here.

This really isn't the place for base model camrys, corollas, escorts, etc, unless they somehow changed their market or introduced new things to the automotive community.

Rules updated 4/06/11

Does this section include cars that were home projects, or one-offs, like the Ferrari P4/5?

JD, That sounds like stuff for the Real Fast & Furious forum.

Onyx, I wonder if the forum title would be a bit more accurate if it was something like "Car History"?

Yeah. I'm not sure where this forum is going.  Some are posting specific car models.  Some are posting entire brands and info about them.  And there's some with crappy titles that I hate. Like "For something a little different...." and "Giving Canada some love."  ::)


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