Author Topic: Im not much on posting rants... HOWEVER...  (Read 1582 times)


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Im not much on posting rants... HOWEVER...
« on: January 22, 2011, 12:21:56 AM »
In the days since the shootings in Az, the gun control supporters have been in overdrive.
I am not about to say that everyone needs or should have a firearm.
Im not even going to go down the road that if more people had firearms, the shooter may not have caused as much carnage as he did.
I try to listen to people with opposing viewpoints, I like to try and understand them and where they are coming from.
On this, I just cant do it.
They become totally irrational.
Its emotion and... I guess fear... rather than common sense and/or rationality.
Notice, I didnt say "the left" or "liberals"... as I have shot with people in both camps.

I have listened to the arguments put forth... and really have not heard one that wasnt full of holes you could fit the Deathstar thru.
If a person wants to do Evil, they will do it.
They will find a means to do it. bare hands, a kitchen knife, a bat, a car.
Imagine what a truck at 60 mph into the crowd in Tucson would have done.
If a person wants to commit suicide, they will do it.
How many single vehicle accidents, drownings, home deaths are actually suicides?
"You dont need to hunt, you can go to a store or restaurant like normal people".
There was a time that hinting is what most normal people did.
"You dont need a gun, thats what the police are for".
The SCOTUS has ruled that police dont HAVE to protect you... Also, if you NEED them... how long is the average response time?
People who shoot for entertainment or sport are thought to be monsters waiting to snap.

I have noticed that most of these people also seem to have entitlement issues.
They want things handed to them and have a distorted view of the real world.
They also look upon gun owners as monsters when they use their tools to actually defend themselves.

Their line of thinking tells them that if they restrict or ban them then the world is suddenly a safe place.
The last I checked, the criminals dont follow the laws... "criminals"... there is a reason they are called that.
One of the people said "we banned cop killer bullets that were made to penetrate bullet proof vests, we banned machine guns, we banned assault weapons... why cant we just ban all of them once and for all."
Or something like that...

As for bullets that go thru a level 3 vest... they are called rifle bullets... damn near ALL of them.
Machine guns are legal in most states with a tax stamp.
Assault weapons were never legal to buy for the average person... and what WAS banned were firearms that resembled assault weapons.
Yes, the .Gov banned things because of how they looked.

Nothing I own is on the current main hitlist.
Most of what I own is, in general, more deadly than what they are going after.

Im not going to tell you to run buy a gun if you dont like them, are scared of them, or know nothing about them.
However I will say... THINK.
Come shooting with me, I am bound to have something that will suit you.
I have taken many people shooting, none have been injured... but me.
None left crying and mentally scarred from touching the Evil firearms.
Some have become interested in shooting on their own.

I own firearms for many reasons.
Hunting and providing for my family
I like to collect them
Last but not least... It is my RIGHT to own them.

Im not even going to make a big 2A stand in this post.
More focusing on reasons to own vs reasons not to own.

I know some supposedly highly intelligent people who turn into screaming drooling, spit flying idiots on this topic.
I admit that I will never fully understand this mindset, and I am happy for that.

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Moral of this lesson:
Don't get in any gun fights with buffalo hunters. There ain't no such thing as cover.


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Re: Im not much on posting rants... HOWEVER...
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2011, 01:55:05 AM »
anytime someone goes on a ban guns rant because of something like this i counter with "we should just make murder illegal, that will solve all the problems. because as we all know everyone obeys the laws". it usually gets my point across and they shut up.


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Re: Im not much on posting rants... HOWEVER...
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2011, 09:57:38 AM »
I was watching a news report on that arizona shooting. They had a specialist of some kind comes on. A psychologist or something. One of the main things that he said was that restricting guns will not prevent these people from commiting these crimes. They will find a way. Either by getting the weapon illegally, to using something else that could have even greater impact.

The thing he pointed out was. The one thing they all have in common is They want the attention associated with the act.

The media is constantly giving them that attention. The people who should get it (those who helped other's during such acts), rarely ever get any attention at all.  You quit giving the criminal the attention they desire, and the drive to do it may not be there, because there is no reward then.

Take them, throw them in a cell, and report once for 5 minutes or the like about the incident. Never, ever give out their name. Now they are just a faceless, nameless person rotting away in a jail cell.

And yea, banning guns is pointless. Laws are only there for law abiding people. If a person is going to kill another person, worrying about a silly gun law is the least of their concerns.


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Re: Im not much on posting rants... HOWEVER...
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2011, 12:23:52 AM »
Quote from: LeoTheLion89
i NEVER said i changed the plugs i aint dont that i cant afford to have it looked at all i know is it is misfiring