Author Topic: post your car stories  (Read 3440 times)


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post your car stories
« on: January 21, 2011, 03:15:19 PM »
Do something insanely stupid and get caught?
Tear you car up acting like an ass?
Tell us about it, we wanna hear.

*Don't get butthurt when we point and laugh*
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Re: post your car stories
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2011, 05:38:53 PM »
When I was a Junior in High School I hated my football coach with a burning passion. Dude was a major douchebag, so anyway one night me and a buddy were out cruising around town in my old Z71 (on 35s brah) and we noticed that the gate to the Practice Field was wide open. I hopped the curb, drove across the track and proceeded to lay a pair of nice ruts from one end zone to the other, then I pulled to the 50 yard line and cut a hellacious donut, made several revolution and threw rooster tails of mud all over the bleachers.

There were rewards and announcements about it over the intercom for about a month after that, and trying to practice on the field was next to impossible because of the ruts :lol: It was immortalized for a while on the old Google Earth pictures of the area, and my brother did a repeat performance in his (mine now) Jeep about 3 years later. I was never caught, we kept that shit on serious hush, my only regret is that I never got into the stadium...a buddy of mine did once during the summer before our Senior year, shit was glorious :lol:
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Re: post your car stories
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2011, 06:48:49 PM »
I had a 95 Cutlass 2door a couple of years ago for a beater.  High miler, but a nicely conditioned car inside and out. Was on it's 3rd engine and second trans, 500,000+ on the clock, had been a rental car when brand new, then owned by 13 different people before I got it for 500 bucks.

I bagged on it from the day I got it.  It actually went pretty well.  I threw on a set of matching-era GP wheels with good rubber and ran it all winter.

One night, in a parking lot, I was having coffee with a few of my friends.  One of them convinced me to start doing reverse donuts. I cranked the wheel, threw her in RACE and floored it.  Did four or five complete revolutions with it pinning the limiter.

When I stopped, and put it back in drive, I noticed a weird squealing/ metally kind of noise.  I drove the car half onto a cub and got under it...

Toasted the trans right then and there.  Nursed it home, car wouldn't go past 60 km/h, the thing was just HOWLING.

Got the car home, took pictures of it, sold it for 250 bucks two days later.  It was near the end of winter, so I just pulled the Acorn back out. Dude who came to pick it up had an old 2500 tow truck with a boom and sling.  When he lifted it up, one side of the sling chain slipped out of it's hook, causing the car to slide off the hooks, taking the front bumper with it :lol:.  This all happened on my driveway.

That car had already been through hell and back and I was the nail in the coffin.


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Re: post your car stories
« Reply #3 on: January 29, 2011, 06:41:32 PM »
I was driving the sign companies big bucket truck. It was an F350 with a 12ft flatbed and a man lift on it. Behind my I was pulling an air-compressor, one of those diesel powered jobs. Needless to say, the trailer was skinnier than the truck by far, and not very long, so reversing it was a bitch.

Coupled with the fact that I had never driven with a trailer before, I was in for a rough lesson.

The rear window of the truck was blocked by the bulkhead, so I only had my mirrors to use for spotting.

On my way to a job site in Grand Rapids, I missed my exit, so I got on the next to turn around. Only this exit was set up weird, it literally took you right into a neighborhood, like the ramp itself just BECAME a neighborhood street. Weird as fuck. So I drove up the road a little bit and made a right hand turn, thinking I could just take the back roads back to where I needed to be, rather than get back on the highway.

Only problem.. the road I turned down was a dead end. There were cars parked on both sides, and the truck was so wide that it basically worked as a one lane road.

I tried backing straight up, but by the time I could see the trailer turning in my mirrors, it was REALLY turned, so I had to pull forward and try again. I couldn't get it to go straight at all, no matter what I just couldn't see the trailer to keep it straight.

I ended up going "FUCK IT" and backed the fucker up into someone's front yard, like ALLL the way into their yard, whole trailer and truck, and then pulled out and got back on the highway :lol:

I felt bad, but i don't think I damaged the grass. There was a person standing on the sidewalk watching me do this... really glad he didn't call the number on the door of the truck :lol:


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Re: post your car stories
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2011, 07:49:08 PM »
I don't have any insane crazy stories, but I do have one that comes to mind that could have ended pretty bad.

I was like 17 or so, I was in the Cavalier and my buddy was in a 95 Grand Cherokee, we were out of town dicking around, he was chasing me around basically. I turned onto a dirt road, got it up to about 70 and topped a hill just in time to see a cow walking into the road. I had enough time to lightly turn to the right rather than swerve, but it was still hard enough that it sent me sliding. I just kept on the gas a little, never touched the brakes and ended up sliding ditch to ditch for about 1/4 mile. Once I got slowed down enough I lightly put the brakes on and it spun me a little but got stopped. Only damage done was a dent to the muffler and a bunch of settled dust on the car.

My buddy behind me ended up sliding all kinds of crazy and he says he clipped the cows jaw with his hood as he slid by it. We ended up going back up the road to where to cow was, to see atleast 7-10 more cattle in the ditch, and the guys coming up the road with a trailer to get them rounded up. Had we been 5 minutes slower, we would have creamed the guys loading up the cattle, and had the other cattle been in the road I would have creamed them as well.

That really made me re-think how I drove.. I still did stupid shit after that though, just not on dirt roads. :lol:


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Re: post your car stories
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2011, 11:09:36 PM »
Heh... Some pre-Air Force stupidity...

I was in the Civic of badassery, it was in the "I wanna sell it" stage. The car had all stock parts on it, except a Fujita short ram intake. I had left my girlfriend's house and I was headed home down a certain highway that we commonly raced on. I was cruising along when I look right, and coming onto the freeway from an on-ramp was one of my best friends in his 4G Eclipse GT, my sorta-friend in his '07 Mustang GT (auto), and some white turbo'd 4-cyl Avenger, who's ass I whooped when my car was modded. My friend with the Eclipse calls me, and says the Avenger has a different wastegate spring, to give him more boost. I was in a little crazy mood, so I lined up on the Avenger. We do our pull from 60, I had a couple of lengths on it at about 120 when I shut down. I let off the gas to let him catch up, and coming up the on-ramp on the other side of me was a police officer... I slow down to 80, signal to the kid in the Avenger, and scream "COP!" out the window. We both drop and go again, he cuts in behind me, but I wanted us to split up. No go. I can't see the cop behind me but I know he's there. I take an off-ramp and the Avenger kid follows. We are still tearing ass. I turn into Cleveland- Hopkins International Airport, the Avenger doesn't follow, he continues going straight. I watch in my mirror, and see the police car lights tearing ass after the Avenger. I swing over next to a maintenance hangar, and park next to a Saturn Ion Redline. The owner was on break and he starts BSing with me about cars. I call my friend Greg who is a tow truck driver, and luckily for me, he was working, and driving a flatbed. I deflate one of my tires and he puts my car up on the truck. He drops me off at our usual meeting spot, I re-inflate the tire and carry on with my night :lol:

The Avenger kid was calling my friends trying to get my information. Luckily they are cool enough to not rat me out. Man I could have been so screwed that night