Author Topic: 1990 240sx VS 200X C6 Z51 Corvette  (Read 2846 times)


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1990 240sx VS 200X C6 Z51 Corvette
« on: December 25, 2010, 05:26:30 AM »
So I am driving out of town to my parents house which is exactly in mexico and decided to take the nissan instead of the ram, because it still gets better gas mileage, E85 is cheaper then 87 and 89 octane still.  And It has slightly better passing power then my Dodge Ram.

Background:  I was driving at 80, when I see 2010 V6 Accord with blueish HIDs from Texas on the passing lane, and a truck on the right lane, in a mexican road block formation.  After a couple of FU moment the guy in the pick up slows down so I can pass the Jack ass from Texas that had no bussines being in the passing lane.  When he decides to floor it, well I downshifted, too, he has 270 hp, and I dont, so he quickly diseapear behind my rear view mirror.  Welcome to Arizona where not all shit boxes are what it appears.   :lol:

Im driving again when I see a blue set of HID lights aproaching again, and Im thinking not this jack ass again!  Well it turned out to be a C6 corvette, I can see the Z51 emblem on the fender, and I can see a gauge in the pillar.  Then I see his out of state plates with something along the lines of him having a sexy c6.  (out of courtesy I wont post exactly what it read or what state they're from).  I said fuck it, and punched it, and he punched too, I was walking away from him pretty good, but I got a head start.

At this point his light was on it was a middle aged men and he is shocked and he goes on 3, I down shift to 4th,  RPMS  go to 4000 rpms, (could gone to 3rd but my wastegate is acting up, building boost at such high rpms) as he counts to 1 he gets a head start jump, I pass his head start, and I start walking him to I want to say 4+ car lenghts by the time I left off which was when I shifted to 5th somewhat early.  (its hard to judge distance exactly but there was definitively a gap and a steady pull)

We repeat this over again, and got the same exact results... 

About 50 miles later we pull into a gas station I get off, smile and say,

"Hey man, I like your corvette!   :D"

To which he responds.

"Oh, Shut the fuck up!   >:("

Turned out to be a man in his mid to late 50s and his wife, it was also an LS2 powered corvette, he tracks his car consistently both road courses and the quarter mile, his best quarter mile was low 12 second ETs(We can rule driver error eh?).  He also hinted that he would like to see what my car could do on a road course, and it was I shame I let off, as he wanted to see what my thing would top out at.. (yea, no way!) and we then talked about our cars a bit more.  He then mentions as he is looking at my engine bay that now he has to tell everyone how he got walked by a 6 cylinder, which I stated, ah, this is a 4 cylinder, 2.0 liters, 121 cid, bone stock block too!  :mrgreen: 

I did notice that I have to adjust either my boost controller, or get a much stronger wastegate spring, my wastegate spring will open prematurely if I try to boost with lots of load and at low rpms.