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PC Security
« on: July 29, 2010, 02:31:10 AM »
Figured we could use another one of these threads. Post your suggestions.

Anti Virus
Main Anti Virus is Anti Virus 2010. ~$40 for 3 licenses per year. *Bundled with Spy Doctor

I follow this up with Avast!


Spy Doctor *See Anti virus 2010


Webroot Spysweeper ~30 for 3 pcs per year

If I get something really pesky I use


Be careful there. It doesn't tell you what is bad/good. It just grabs everything that even looks suspicious.

*I personally no longer suggest Spybot S&D. It was great in its day, but spyware has quickly outpaced it. It's nowhere near as effective as it used to be.


I use Uniblues Registry Booster. It has a free version, but it's not worth bothering with. Buy the program and relax.


I leave windows firewall up. My router has 2 hardware firewalls in it, and I have no reason to buy a software version that is less effective.

Cleaning up

CCleaner -  Gets rid of all the crap.


Defraggler -

To help with surfing safer I use

Firefox -

And get the following addons Noscript and Adblock Plus with the easy list.


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Re: PC Security
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2010, 08:32:27 AM »

Best tool for cleaning, especially if you keep your crap scattered all over the place like I do.
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