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[Haunted House] Netherworld
« on: November 07, 2010, 10:38:45 PM »
So since my Haunt's season ended on October 31st, myself, another senior actor, our cast manager and our owner made the trek to Atlanta, Georgia to meet up with a bunch of fellow haunters from around the country and check out Netherworld. Netherworld is currently the #1 rated US haunt by Hauntworld, which is basically the voice of the industry. Netherworld stays open the first weekend of November to give guests an additional chance to check out their show.

First off, their staff is amazing, and many people from the Hauntworld forums, including several prominent Haunt owners were converging on the place so they hooked us up. They had their event coordinator come to our hotel and set up a hospitality room with snacks and drinks for us. We hung out there for a couple hours then headed to the haunt itself.

The place was spectacular. All the costuming for the crowd actors was top notch. They had several performers on sliders which were insane. The quality carried over into the show itself. The animatronics and sets were better than Hollywood quality. The lighting, sound and SCENT effects were entirely immersive. I don't want to give away any parts of their show, but they maximized every square inch of the place and the actors had brilliant timing. I've been in the industry about 5 years, and its hard to get me with startle scares, but a couple excellent actors managed to make me jump. I had a dopey shit eating grin on my face the entire time, this place was like Disneyworld for Haunters...simply amazing!

10/10, well worth the 10 hour drive.....this even edged House of Shock out of my favorite haunt spot.
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