Author Topic: FS: Genuine Garrett GT2860RS .86AR and HKS Adjustable Actuator $700 shipped  (Read 1466 times)


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The turbo almost every SR20 owner wants. The .86AR turbine housing just wasn't fun enough on my little 1.6L though.

About 10,000km (6000 miles) on it, no shaft play, no oil seepage. I ran it with a .063" restrictor the whole time I had it.

Minimum pressure of the actuator is ~12 psi, can be adjusted to much higher.

$700 shipped

92 Aristo - Borg S366, QSV, AEM V2, 12 psi - 410whp 360ftlbs
84 SVO - FMIC, straight piped, chipped/tuned LB3, 15 psi - 202whp 238ftlbs