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Galant VR4
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:25:35 PM »
Just posting this up in case anyone is interested at a deal on a car.
Buddy is selling his galant VR4 stupid cheap. I almost bought it but I remembered how deep a project I'm in on my talon and really don't want to add anything except a running/driving fun cruiser to the garage.

This thing is worth every penny as is. It ran good back when it was going before it had a bunch of clutch issues between the clutch/master/slave cyl.
I think he replaced master and slave now it just needs a clutch and the other things he mentioned. I think he might even already have a new clutch for it.
He was trying to save up to just give it to BoostinPerformance to have them do the build.

You could part it out for more than what he's wanting. $1000-1500 could have it on the road with a simple cheap but fun setup.

Just figured it might be something a few people on here would be interested in. If someone here were to actually be interested in it - I have a lot of misc parts that could be used to get it going again.
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