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[TV Series] The Flash (SPOILERS S1-S2)
« on: October 13, 2016, 10:31:14 AM »
The way The Flash was introduced on Arrow did not interest me. Barry Allen, although likable, was kind of annoying in a goody-two-shoes sort of way, and it just didn't seem like The Flash was going to ever get down and dirty. It seemed like The Flash was going to be the more child-friendly super hero show, so I avoided it... for a while.

But the way characters from The Flash would pop in and out of Arrow episodes, implying a weaving story arc between the two shows, really intrigued me... so the wife and I gave it a shot.

Season 1
At first, my concerns were spot on. The Flash was about as inoffensive as possible. The peril was all CGI, there didn't seem to be any real life or death stakes, the writers seemed to want to keep everything light hearted regardless of the seriousness of the situation. But about 6 episodes in, the show suddenly took a dramatic leap forward in terms of quality and intrigue.

The first 5 episodes implied a deeper story was afoot, but nothing about it really hooked me. Episode 6 threw in a little tid-bit that got my attention. Several episodes later, the show blows my expectations out of the water. It's like it became an entirely different show. The light heartedness was still there, but a darker element was introduced that grounded the characters and really made things interesting. I would say episode 8 is where things took a turn, and Then Flash suddenly became one of my favorite shows of all time. Instead of just watching so I could stay caught up with its relationship to Arrow, I was now trying to convince myself (and my wife) that we didn't have time to watch the next episode, otherwise we'd probably have binged the entire series and died from starvation and dehydration on the couch. Arrow become second fiddle (and from S3 on, became a chore to watch).

S1 did a great job of balancing out the more silly aspects of The Flash's noteworthy comic book elements. A telepathic gorilla as an enemy? Not only did The Flash manage to pull of some honestly impressive CGI on a TV show budget (seriously), but somehow they made the concept palatable. Even if it weren't easy to swallow, they balance out those super ridiculous moments by giving those particular episodes an extra special dose of the overarching story line. S1 even ends on a truly emotional note, showing off Grant Gustin's acting chops in a way that no episode before it had.

Season 2
S2 picks up right where S1 leaves off, and although S2 struggles for its first half (due to the episodes obviously created to launch other shows like Legends of Tomorrow), the second half is just fantastic. As good as, if not better than Season 1.

The one problem I have with S2 is the villain. Zoom is fucking AWESOME... but he also sucks. Zoom's first clash with Barry is completely unexpected. They take it way further than I every assumed they would, and the violence is ratcheted up more than it has been the entire series so far. In that single episode, Zoom establishes himself not only as an extremely imposing villain, but a truly terrifying element who can show up when you least expect it and COMPLETELY fuck everything up for everybody. Seriously, that episode was fucking fantastic. It's being play light-hearted like many of The Flash's episodes, and you think things are going to end in a fairly safe place with maybe some lingering peril, but when Zoom shows up, he's not fucking around. Shit gets serious REAL fast, and it was awesome.

Later on when you find out who Zoom is and what his motivation is, some of that fear is lost. He's still a good villain, but not nearly as imposing.

As S2 wraps up, I find it interesting that the writers seem keen on ending the primary conflict a couple episodes early, and using the remaining episodes to deal with fallout. I kinda like that. They wrap up the story that's been carried all season and then create a whole new (but related) drama to set a cliff hanger on.

Overall, watch The Flash. It's fucking great, even if it's cheesy at times.