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[Electronics] iPhone SE
« on: June 13, 2016, 06:31:55 PM »
I'm no Apple fanboy by any means, but I prefer iPhone over the competition. I've always felt that they just have a better fit and finish, and iOS just seems to have a better, more intuitive interface.

I liked my iPhone 4, and my 5s. Then I got the iPhone 6, and was starting to think really hard about giving another product a try for a change when it was time for my next phone. The 6 was just bulky. My hands aren't huge, and i found it difficult to use the phone one-handed. It was nice for watching videos and reading text, but the benefits were outweighed by the need to use both hands. On top of that, the quality of the materials and the design itself felt substandard. The aluminum back plate dented easily, and the camera lens protruded slightly, requiring a case at all times lest the lens be the first part of the phone to contact a flat surface. Battery life was poor and the Lightning Cable port wore out quickly. If this was to be Apple's foreseeable trajectory with the iPhone, I was ready to try someone else.

Then, as if brought on by a sudden moment of clairvoyance, Apple made the decision to re-release the iPhone 5, but with iPhone 6s internals. Enter the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE is exactly as I described - all the power and technology of a 6s, crammed into an iPhone 5's body. It's a smaller phone, but the 5's design always felt hefty and robust. The beveled edged and thicker aluminum back plate make the phone feel substantially higher quality than the 6. It's night and day in my opinion.

Apart from the 6s processor and other computer-do-dads, the camera makes the transfer as well, which is great.

The best news is, other than the 5c which is a horrible piece of garbage, the SE is the cheapest phone Apple offers. I'd argue that it's the best phone they offer as well. I bought the 64gb model, and the payment is significantly less than my iPhone 6.

Definitely a phone for anyone who hates the iPhone 6.