Author Topic: vizio sound bar and tv = no sound  (Read 1140 times)


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vizio sound bar and tv = no sound
« on: June 04, 2016, 02:17:20 PM »
I bought a sound bar with wireless sub woofer and rear speakers. I connected it to the TV via the included yellow cable, it's on the labeled Digital 3, and has been working fine for the past year. When I left for vacation, I had sound on both TV and Satellite. I come back, and I'm not getting any sound at all from the Vizio sound bar nor the Sanyo Tv. If I switch TV inputs to my Roku, I get sound on my tv, but still no sound on my sound bar. I did a speaker test on the sound bar, and it tests fine, all speakers work and sound fine. Nothing has been moved, or changed, I wasn't here....

Any thoughts?

edit: I got sound on the soundbar while using the Roku, but when I switch back to the Satellite, I lose sound on both.

edit 2: I've tried switching HDMI cables and tv inputs, but it's the exact same, sound on both for whichever cord and place I put the Roku, but when I switch to satellite, I lose sound on both. I don't think it's cords or inputs.... must be the satellite box? My mom said there was a small storm while I was gone, maybe damaged the box?

Solved : It was the satellite box, needed a reset.
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