Author Topic: [Book] Larry Correia- Son of the Black Sword  (Read 984 times)


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[Book] Larry Correia- Son of the Black Sword
« on: December 11, 2015, 01:44:52 PM »
I've been a fan of Corriea's work ever since Jim started raving about Monster Hunter International and he has quickly become one of my favorite authors. His latest novel Son of the Black Sword is a departure from his usual fair. Instead of taking place in one of his established universes this novel creates an entirely new and unique world. It's a fairly slow burn since Larry devotes a fair amount of time to world building. The story takes place in a Not Earth Not Asia setting. Demons are real and when they fell after the war in heaven they landed in the ocean and occasionally conduct raids on dry land to kill people. The characters are all established with in a caste system very similar to what exists in India. The setting is primarily low fantasy because while magic does exist its very scarce and requires physical components to cast unlike his other Grimnoir series where people could manifest powers that altered the fabric of reality. It has a very nice overall tone that makes it read like an actual mythology instead of something newly created. I don't want to really delve into the plot too much because there are so many neat little twists and turns that describing anything in too much detail can spoil huge swaths of the book. To boil it down to a very basics synopsis...Black Steel is a magical creation, and most of the major family houses at one point possesed an Ancestor Blade comprised of the prized magical metal. The swords pick their bearers, and if someone not worthy draws the sword...shit doesn't turn out well for them. But if the sword does select a bearer, that person is privy to all the combat knowledge and skills of the bearers before him. But the swords come with a price...if they are used without honor they will shatter and once that happens the blade is lost forever. The titular character is a bearer of a very ancient and powerful blade. The battle scenes are awesome, action is something Larry does VERY well...whether he's describing a shoot out or melee combat he manages to suck you in and paint a very vivid picture. I really appreciate the uniqueness of the world, and the story arc...and it appears this is the start of at least a trilogy if not a whole new series like MHI.
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