Author Topic: [Album] Devil You Know- They Bleed Red  (Read 847 times)


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[Album] Devil You Know- They Bleed Red
« on: December 11, 2015, 01:31:30 PM »
Since I have a no homo man crush on Howard Jones I've been jamming this album a lot lately. If it wasn't for the uniqueness of Howard's voice this would really, really be generic as fuck metal core. None of the riffs or anything jump out at you and get stuck in your head like Jones era Killswitch Engage does. The vocal melodies however manage to be memorable and there is a heavier emphasis on Howard's screams than the last 2 albums he recorded with KsE. The melodic clean vocals are of course what you would expect from HoJo, but there seems to have been a good bit of digital fuckery and layering on the cleans, which, considering I've seen Howard sing live 5 times isn't really needed just seems like they were trying to ape Adam D's super bright production. It's got several catchy hooks, but again...the drumming and riffs are completely generic. I'm glad Howard's still recording even if he isn't with KsE anymore...but as much as I like his vocals I can't help but wish he would have gotten Blood Has Been Shed back together instead of starting a new band. There's an ok cover of Eye of The Tiger that is apparently trying to recapture the glory that was the Holy Diver cover...but too much fuckery with the vocals for it to be as good.

5/10 factoring in the whole band and production
7/10 just considering Howard's performance
6/10 overall I guess
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