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[PC/Steam] Fallout 4
« on: December 07, 2015, 07:02:17 PM »
Fallout 4 is the true sequel to Bethesda's Fallout 3, taking place in a fictional version of Boston, MA and the surrounding area.

I'm not going to discuss the story, but I will say this: It's not as open ended as was New Vegas', and whether that's a good or bad thing depends on the player. You can't choose to be an outright villain in this game, you can only be a good guy with a bad attitude. There is no "enemy" faction to align yourself with, only different shades of "good". On that front, the story is weak. You are strapped in to a narrative, and it's much harder to feel like you have any real effect on the final outcome - nearly everything that happens by the end of the game feels as if it would've happened eventually without you, but that you simply provided the "kick in the pants" that certain factions needed to move their agendas along.

Aside from that...

Game play: It's Fallout 3, only better. Yeah, some things have been dumbed down. You can't skill up in individual skills anymore, and perks/SPECIAL are now linked together under an entirely new skill tree which, while it makes perfect sense, does detract from the fun one could have in past games tailoring their character's skills and perks to a SPECIFIC build. This has definitely "dumbed down" the RPG aspect of the game. On top of that, SPECIAL no longer offers different speech options as you raise each trait, you simply have a higher percentage of success with a single speech option. Meaning, the same 4 speech options are always available regardless of Intelligence, for example, but if you have higher intelligence, you have a better chance of success if you use the persuasive option. Oh, and your character no longer mumbles like a caveman when you have low intelligence. Bummer.

Having a voiced protagonist isn't as bad as it sounds. It can actually make conversations feel much more natural, and often far more hilarious.

There's a good sense of "verticality" to the game now, with enemies sometimes sniping from high atop buildings, or, perhaps, you sniping down FROM a perch. Which is a LOT of fun, especially because sniper rifles actually feel powerful and useful for once.

Action, wise? Well, the controls are more responsive, shooting is more precise and fun, movement is more fluid, it just plays better. It's far more refined, far more fun.

VATS doesn't stop time completely anymore, only slows it down. This would be a major pain in the ass, but thankfully the normal shooting mechanic is so good now that VATS isn't necessary to commence battle anymore. The slow-mo actually turns out to be VERY cool in most cases, and I actually prefer this over the previous system.

Power Armor has been overhauled, so it's not longer just heavy armor you wear, but an actual mechanical chassis you can customize with different armor pieces, paints, and mods, and climb inside of to pilot around. It's AWESOME, and it's DEFINITELY a lot more fun than ever to stop around in a set of power armor.

Fallout 4 has a "Minecraft mode", a surprisingly robust settlement creator mode (not without it's flaws) where you can build structures, set up defenses, run supply trade lines, etc. It's addicting. And it also means that all of that junk laying around the world now has purpose - you see, it can ALL be scrapped and used as material for your settlements. Now an old typewriter might feel more valuable to you than the Mininuke sitting next to it. This was a great addition to the game and lends a ton of replay-ability. Now you actually have REASON to explore the buildings not visited in missions.

Everything else feels mostly the same as Fallout 3, which for my money is a good thing. That's exactly what I wanted - more of the same with a fresh coat of paint and some new goodies.

Enemies and general AI have been revamped and reimagined. Feral Ghouls are more zombie-like than before, and are absolutely TERRIFYING now. Instead of just wandering around aimlessly waiting for you to arrive, now they often lay dormant. You may enter a room that seems quiet, but make a sound and suddenly those dead bodies on the ground are standing up - Ferals are sliding out from under debris, climbing in through windows, through cracks in the walls. It's AWESOME.

Most enemies take cover and attempt to flank now, but it's somewhat spotty. For the stealth players, listening to enemy conversations can reveal major weaknesses in their defenses.

Companions are better than ever now. They all have back stories, and they all interact with factions in logical ways. If a particular faction you're allied with takes issue with a certain type of person, maybe there will be conversations that take place if you have that particular companion with you when meeting with faction leaders. When changing companions, they will often address each other in passing. It's cool.

Sound: Better than ever. Guns sound better, voice acting is better, ambient sounds are awesome.

Graphics: Better than Fallout 3, but not quite "next gen". Art design is amazing, of course, but the graphics just aren't quite up to par. That doesn't bother me. Character models are a hundred times better than ever before, however. There is now dynamic weather, and the radiation storms that sometimes roll in are a sight to behold.

Overall: If you enjoy Fallout, buy this game. Don't hesitate, you'll love it. The "tutorial" stuff at the beginning can be a drag, but you are fully able to skip all of it. Instead of following the waypoint on your map when you leave the Vault, just go anywhere else, DO anything else, and eventually you'll end up back on the main story quest line, bypassing the "tutorial" quest line.

Addicting as ever, engaging experience, best Fallout game ever made.