Author Topic: Ring Brothers 1965 Mustang Espionage  (Read 1305 times)


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Ring Brothers 1965 Mustang Espionage
« on: November 24, 2015, 10:00:33 PM »
Anyone watch Jay Lenos Garage? Saw this a couple days ago.  Makes me miss my '65 Coupe.  But, this one is just DROOOOLLLLL.

Also, every body panel is carbon fiber. And it's 4" wider, but done so subtly.

Engine: 427C.I. LS7 959HP 858 Torque
Forced Induction: Whipple 2.9L Supercharger
Engine Oil: Royal Purple
Engine Oil Weight: 10-40W
Engine Extras: Wegner CNC ported LSA heads
Transmission: T56 Tremec 6 speed
Transmission Oil: Royal Purple Manual Transmission Fluid
Rear End Manufacturer: Detroit Speed
Rear End Type: Ford 9
Drive Shaft: QA1 Carbon Shaft
Differential Oil: Royal Purple
Differential Oil Weight: 75-90 W
Additional Details: Comp Cams camshaft, Callies Crankshaft

Wheels and Tires
Wheel Manufacturer/Model: HRE
Front Wheel Size: 18 X 11
Rear Wheel Size: 19 X 12
Tire Manufacturer/Model: NITTO Invo
Front Tire Size: 295/35/18ZR
Rear Tire Size: 345/30/19ZR

Front Manufacturer: BAER
Front Caliper Specs: 6S 14 Extreme
Rear Manufacturer: BAER
Rear Caliper Specs: 6S 14 Extreme

Chassis: Detroit Speed Components

Front Suspension Manufacturer: Detroit Speed
Front Suspension Type: Mustang Aluma-Frame
Rear Suspension Manufacturer: Detroit Speed
Rear Suspension Type: Mustang QUADRALink
Shock Manufacturer: JRI
Sway Bars: Detroit Speed

Paint Manufacturer: BASF
Paint Color: Spy Green
Paint Booth: Global Finishing Solutions Ringbrothers Performer Booth
Tail light lens: Ringbrothers Machined
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Re: Ring Brothers 1965 Mustang Espionage
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2015, 08:47:51 PM »
Man, that's a beautiful machine.  The Ring Brothers are true visionaries, and their builds show the drive and passion they have.  I'm only consider them second to Blastolene in terms of craftsmanship and engineering.


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Re: Ring Brothers 1965 Mustang Espionage
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2015, 06:08:59 PM »
That looks gooooood. The widening is more obvious from the front, but it looks real sharp.

I cant help but laugh at the big red R though... it looks like it was stuck there by a VTEK BRO :lol:
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