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[PS4] Rocket League
« on: August 06, 2015, 10:52:50 PM »
Rocket League is a sudden hit that seemingly came out of nowhere when it appeared on PlayStation Plus as a free download. It didn't actually come from nowhere, though, as it's the sequel to a little-known game titled "Supersonic Acrobat Rocket Powered Battle Cars".

Changing the name was a good idea.

Rocket League is a game with a simple premise - it's soccer, with cars. RC cars, from the looks of it. Basically, you and your team battle to knock the ball into your opponents goal. You can double-jump and hit it in the air, use a boost and hit it extra hard, drive up the walls to block it, or even ram an opponent super hard to make them explode and briefly take them out of the action.

You get points for shots on goal, assists, saves, clearing or centering the ball, destroying other players, and of course, goals. Those points go towards your player rank (which determines your match making), as well as unlockables that, thus far, are purely cosmetic - such as different paint types, different wheels, hats for the cars, special antennas and different types of jet stream when using boost.

It's a good looking game, going for a more cartoonish appearance which is appealing. The sound track is pleasant and the sound effects are satisfactory.

When you launch the game, you have the option of Online Play (the way it's meant to be played), or you can practice, or dick around in a single player career. Alternatively, there is two-player split screen, which is a VERY welcome addition.

Online matches can be sorted between 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or any combination. There are ranked matches and there are non-ranked matches.

The game is ridiculously fun. It's very frantic and exciting and every goal is very satisfying.

The one issue I do have, is match making. Match making is intended to put players of a similar skill level together based on their rank. The problem is that the game is not complex enough for this to work out as intended.

For example, within an hour I mastered the controls and strategy of the game. But, because I haven't ranked up high enough, I'm still paired with the newbies. This wouldn't be a problem except that I am able to function as part of a team whenever I'm lucky enough to end up with a couple other players who know how to play the game, but most of the time I get stuck with noobs who just chase after the ball and have no concept of setting up for another player to take the shot, or defending our own goal at all.

I suspect that this problem will subside as I climb in ranks, but as for now, it's frustrating to get absolutely dominated by a well cooperating team because I have two doofuses that think they can just push the ball into the goal.

Despite those frustrations, the game is simply fun. I got it for free but I would have gladly paid $20-$30 for it. Maybe once it has more content, it would be worth a full on $60.

Go pick it up if you want a fun game that you can pick up and enjoy for 3 minutes (even though you'll have a bad case of "just one more round!").