Author Topic: [Musical Album] Goatwhore-Constricting Rage of the Merciless  (Read 931 times)


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Hot damn this is good shit. Around the time Carving Out The Eyes of God was released this band made a transition to a more blacken thrash style as opposed to the more straight black metal sounds on earlier albums. This album starts strong and doesn't let up, its heavy as shit but there are some great riffs that just get stuck in your head. The whole woah Satan aspect of the lyrics is kinda starting to get old, but the vocals are still brutal. They filmed a video for one of the songs on this album at House of Shock which is fucking amazing and their logo is painted on the floor in one of the rooms as like an Easter Egg (I found it in 2013). They just don't let up, there's no cheesy interludes or excessive guitar wankery, they just turn on the riffs and go for it. I've listened to this album about 6 times all the way through, and its rare to find albums I can do that with, I usually jump around to specific songs. But yeah, this shit is killer, if you like thrash or black metal you'll dig this shit...also, they have awesome merch that got me in trouble for wearing it at work (Apparently a shirt bearing the phrase Carving Out the Eyes Of God accompanied by the sigil of Lucifer and GOATWHORE big as fuck on the back isn't appropriate cubicle attire)

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