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[Movie] Rubberneck
« on: August 12, 2014, 10:14:30 PM »
This movie is in English

Rubberneck on IMDB
Rubberneck on Netflix

 From Netflix: Obsession is a dangerous emotion for a socially awkward scientist who's still craving his comely colleague months after their one-night stand.


 This is a really uncomfortable, stale, but terrifyingly real take on the typical "nice guy" who turns into a fucking nutjob. For the female users, of whom there are not many, I know they have all had an experience where they met someone who was a little too eager, stare a little too long, insist a little too much. This is honestly a fear, especially after having a few close encounters with the stalking kind. But beyond that, it's a cautionary tale - creepers are everywhere, and some of them are more than a little damaged. There are plenty of movies about women going nuts, too, just not any that I've seen recently (or they're played for kicks, which, it's really never funny when the unfortunate implications come about).


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 6/10 -- Take my advice, stop it after the shit hits the fan. The rest of the movie doesn't matter after that.

 You can find this movie on Netflix.

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