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 From IMDB: A young girl contracts what she thinks is a sexually-transmitted disease - but is actually something much worse.


 This movie is a very fresh take on what could potentially be the circumstances behind Patient Zero of a pandemic. When the movie ends, it's really only just begun, but I think to make a second movie would utterly diminish the actual horror of the abruptness with which the film ends. It leaves you to your imagination to sum up all of the other beginnings of every infection-based film you've ever seen and wonder what started all of this, since they never begin at the beginning, only at the point with which your main character is introduced (The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later).

 I find that where many supposed critics have hit pitfalls with this film. There is a very actual rape of the main character (and in such a terribly common setting, for most of us familiar with the lurid details of an "attack but you didn't really struggle so were you actually raped" scenario), and I've noticed that many of the people who have watched this film see nothing else from the movie, only the injustice that the character has received and the subsequent way in which she/everyone else around her handles it.

 There is the very obvious toxic relationships that dot the main character's bleak life, such as a mentally abusive ex-girlfriend Nikki who treats Sam like shit and brushes her off constantly while simultaneously acting jealous of every effort that Sam makes to try and have any life outside of Nikki.

  There's Riley, the man every lesbian has met before (or woman every gay man has met before) who thinks that if they just are nice enough or persistent enough that the object of their misguided affection will suddenly turn straight again for them, and despite the exact situation we all know someone like that, the fedora-wearing neckbeard who will be in the friendzone because he tries to pick up women based on qualities he doesn't have (I'm NOT an asshole, I'm NOT abusive).

 There's her fucking mother, who - while poorly acted, I will admit hers was the most painful to watch scenes with - isn't so much portraying a person as a generation of parents who are saturated by media and news reports of their kids jumping on trends that don't actually exist. She constantly degrades Sam, while somehow also saying that she only wants better for her. At the apex of the film, right before everything literally starts falling apart, you will want to punch this bitch in the mouth, because you know someone like her: a friend's parent, your own parent, or a teacher/other adult figure from your youth who believed Columbine was caused by Manson and if you act erratic in any way you're drugged up and on the path to Hell.

 There's her boss George, who I think received the most criticism from audiences as being a one-dimensional character who was blind and uncaring for Sam, when I think he was really one of the ones who made this into a film very, very worthy of Romeroesque labeling and praise: George represents everyone, too busy and concerned with their own life, a zombie in the social sense of the word, and when a literal zombie is standing before him, all he can think about is work, money, business - he tosses "You look really bad, go see a doctor" or something almost as an afterthought - a thing he knows he should say and therefore he says it, but doesn't mean at all (sort of like daily small-talk, "Hi, how are you!" but you only answer with "Good" or "Fine" because that's the only acceptable answer). Her drug dealer falls into the same sort of area as this, especially when you get "the reveal" from him.

 The only positive relationship that Sam really has is her friend Alice, and that's a stretch, because Alice clearly sees the way Samantha can be bullied by peer pressure, and uses this to her advantage. Alice, however, is the only one who seems to demonstrate any real concern for her at the end, even if it seems to be a little over-dramatized (that's the result of bad script/acting, but it doesn't deter from the message that out of bad options, Alice really as the only one who gave a shit). Unfortunately, by then Samantha's a little too far gone.


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 10/10 - An absolute must-see for anyone who enjoys the horror/suspense genre as well as anyone who has a predilection for the zombie-subset of the aforementioned genre.

 This movie is grossly underrated, and I believe there is much more focus (from what I've read) as to the "bad acting" of the cast rather than the actual point at hand, which is that everyone is so wrapped up in what they're doing that they wouldn't know death if it were staring them in the face - which in this movie, it literally does. This movie is very reminiscent in the darker tones of Shaun of the Dead, and for that alone it is worth seeing.

 You can find this movie on Netflix.
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^She's the one who got me wanting to watch this. There are a lot of bad movies on Netflix, but this one is a diamond in the rough. It's a new take on the zombie genre, which I didn't think was possible at this point. It also has a really dark tone to it, not the usual OMG SHIT'S HAPPENING tone like other zombie movies because you're following Sam the whole time listening to her world go to shit. I'll be telling my friends about it.
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Itchy. Tasty.
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I need to check this out....
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I think the most drawing thing about this movie is that every one of the people in Sam's life? You know them, to one degree or another. Sam is American EveryGirl and her friends are the archetype of the bad people you surround yourself with, or can't help but be surrounded by, in the case of her mother.
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DO IT, Meatyloaf!
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Meaty did you watch this yet?
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Not yet, been super busy between almost dying and the haunt :lol: