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Title: Getting me a heavy duty bambi killer..
Post by: ling427ttvette on November 11, 2011, 06:15:20 PM

Picking up one exactly like that, found it for $450 which is a STEAL for one of these things.

I want to make sure my bambi killer will hold up to some big bambis without hurting the truck, any of you ever bolt some of these on? It looks like it only bolts to the bumpers original holes on the frame, I know I could probably weld it on down there as well (not sure I want to go that far) but what else could I do to make sure this heavy thing isn't going anywhere?

I've seen some people put them on wrong and they are hanging lopsided or have been pushed back and just look bad. Definitely don't want that.
Title: Re: Getting me a heavy duty bambi killer..
Post by: MiniVanMan on November 11, 2011, 06:37:24 PM
Bambi kil- it's Bambi BASHER. >:(

:lol: anyway, the biggest thing is to remember that you're not going to be plowing through some Deer with the thing, you're just hoping it'll protect your car as much as possible when and if you DO hit one. You still need to try to stop (just don't swerve! That's usually worse than hitting the Deer!)

I always see Bambi Bashers mangled because the mounting point us usually below the body of the Deer, so hitting the deer that high up on the basher puts more leverage on it than hitting it lower toward the mount.

All that means is the vertical bars need as much support as possible. It doesn't matter if you weld it or bolt it (as long as you use good bolts of course) to your frame, what matters is the rigidity of the vertical bars.

That particular piece of work looks pretty solid. About the only thing I see happening is the head light guards bending back and jamming against the fender. They'll do damage, but it probably wouldn't be as bad as a deer hitting the fender without them.

I personally would not weld it on there. You want to be able to take it back off if it does get damaged, you know?
Title: Re: Getting me a heavy duty bambi killer..
Post by: ling427ttvette on November 11, 2011, 06:45:37 PM
It does have little support bars at the edges of the headlight surrounds, that should help hold them in place but I'm sure a solid hit would mangle them. I might look at trying to strengthen them up a little.

The truck sits up fairly high so hopefully I'll be lucky enough that if bambi does step out it'll take most of the impact at the mounting point.

I went and looked around on Ranch Hands site and this is supposed to be one of the toughest ones they make, which I believe it.. it's absolutely massive. Also found out these things go for $12-1400 new.

I just can't wait to get the damn thing on there.. hoping to pick it up Monday, I'm sure I'll be working in the cold and the dark just to get it on. :lol: