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Title: Another odd swap...
Post by: stig on May 23, 2011, 09:36:21 PM
Pretty standard issue...


Something's not right there...


Uh, what?


Only info I have:

Makes a bell housing adapter that allows Vauxhall engines to bolt to a Borg Warner T5. Just so happens the SAAB B2X4 and B2X5 share that bolt pattern.

The transmission is from a CJ7 so it maintains the rear 4wd housing that bolts to a stock Jeep Transfer case.

Unfortunately the trans we sourced is a little bit tired so it's a bit rattly, which is the reason we trailered it down to Carlisle.

Also the trans is a not World Class T5, so it isn't the strongest however there should be World Class parts and other aftermarket parts available to fix it.

We changed the input shaft to the trans to that from a s10 which had a T5. It just so happens the s10 input shaft is the same spline count as a stock SAAB clutch disc. I just happened to have a Viggen Pressure plate and spec stage 2 disc laying around, so that's what we popped in there.